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Peace of Mind for a Reasonable Price

  • The average audit costs over $2,000 in representation fees.
  • An amended return starts at $250.
  • Notices and CPA letters are $125.
  • Tax planning is $150 per hour.
  • IRS transcripts are $50.

In a single year, our clients can easily require thousands of dollars of tax related work.

With our new service, all of these services will be included with a low fee that you can count on.

Starting at $395.00 a year or $39.95 a month, you will be covered in the case of an audit and for any work beyond tax preparation that you may need.

This low price will allow you to relax knowing that all of your needs will be covered by our office.

Daryl B. Fick, CPA is proud to offer this new service to professionally benefit our clients and help them succeed in business and wealth creation. Call (619)462-6800 today to find out how we can help you.

Audit Protection & Planning

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